California Coasting

I recently visited my three sisters, who live in widely scattered locations in Northern California. Starting in Sacramento, I drove north to the foothills near Chico, southwest to Santa Rosa*, and then south to Half Moon Bay. Although I enjoyed my visits with each of them and my brothers-in-law, most of the images below focus on the part of California that attracts me the most: the Pacific Coast.

[* Three weeks after I returned home, wildfires ravaged Santa Rosa. My sister’s house survived intact, but hundreds of others just a few blocks away were reduced to ash.]

From Half Moon Bay North

I revisited some favorite spots along the coast from Half Moon Bay to San Francisco, and visited a few places farther north that I’d never seen.


My sister Judy and I took an overnight trip down the coast to Monterey. We stayed at Asilomar, a conference center and hotel overlooking the coast in Pacific Grove.

Along Monterey Bay

My goal on this visit to Monterey was to bike the Monterey Bay Coastal Recreation Trail, a rail trail that extends from Pacific Grove through Monterey and northward up the coast.

Final Views

Whenever I visit the ocean and it comes time to leave, I always find it hard to turn away.

David Romanowski, 2017


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