More for “My Hall of Bicycles”

During this historically mild Washington winter, I’ve done plenty of local biking and walking but not much driving. I haven’t had anything travel related to write about.

I have been getting a lot done around the house, including sorting through, scanning, and tossing decades worth of paper in anticipation of an eventual move.

One of the surprising things I came across was this page from a Peugeot bicycle brochure. It depicts the lovely “Peppermint and White” St. Laurent Express I bought at a bike shop in Arlington, Virginia, around 1987. On the flip side is the equally attractive “Jamaica Blue and White” Montreal Express. The St. Laurent cost $365; the Montreal cost $310.

I’ve never seen more beautiful bicycles. Makes me wish I kept my mint-green Peugeot!

You can read more about “My ‘Hall of Bicycles’” here.

St. Laurent Express

Montreal Express










David Romanowski, 2017


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